International Journal of Communication Networks and Security


The utmost negative impact of advancement of technology is an exponential increase in security threats, due to which tremendous demand for effective electronic security is increasing importantly. The principles of any security mechanism are confidentiality, authentication, integrity, non-repudiation, access control and availability. Cryptography is an essential aspect for secure communications. Many chaotic cryptosystem has been developed, as a result of the interesting relationship between the two field chaos and cryptography phenomenological behavior. In this paper, an overview of cryptography, optimization algorithm and chaos theory is provided and a novel approach for encryption and decryption based on chaos and optimization algorithms is discussed. In this article, the basic idea is to encrypt and decrypt the information using the concept of genetic algorithm with the pseudorandom sequence further used as a key in genetic algorithm operation for encryption: which is generated by application of chaotic map. This attempt result in good desirable cryptographic properties as a change in key will produce undesired result in receiver side. The suggested approach complements standard, algorithmic procedures, providing security solutions with novel features.



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