International Journal of Communication Networks and Security


Device Language Message Specification (DLMS) is an application layer protocol designed to support messaging to and from energy distribution devices in a computer integrated environment. COSEM, the Companion Specification for Energy Metering, addresses the meter as an integrated part of a commercial process, which starts with the measurement of the delivered product (energy) and ends with the revenue collection. The DLMS/COSEM specification specifies a data model and communication protocols for data exchange with metering equipment. Communication with electricity metering equipment using the COSEM interface classes is based on the client – server paradigm, where the Meter plays the role of server and the client is a Meter Reading Instrument. Different types of communication media are used to retrieve parameters from energy meter. This paper aims to establish a communication with energy meter by using DLMS/COSEM and access meter data with TCP/IP based communication media.



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