International Journal of Communication Networks and Security


As communication plays an important role in day to day life, the effective and efficient voice transmission is to be maintained. This paper mainly deals with voice transmission over a channel and implemented using 6713 DSK. For this purpose, some modulation schemes and voice coders are implemented. So two points of view are developed. First, a static point of view, using a prototype on MATLAB, estimates the different combinations' performances, using a stored speech sample. Then, a more dynamic point of view tests the system in real time, using C code adapted from MATLAB and embedded on DSPs, with the actual transmission channel being emulated by another DSP. In MATLAB the voice signal using different techniques are simulated and the outputs for modulation and demodulation signal are obtained which are shown in this paper for random bits operation of signals. An optimal transmission/reception scheme intended for voice transmission on DSP Processor TMS320C6713 is done using hardware and the results are compared in MATLAB by maintaining proper accuracy.



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