International Journal of Communication Networks and Security


Microwave filters are essential components for a large variety of modern communication systems. Filters engage in many recreating roles in RF and microwave applications. Forthcoming technologies like wireless communications are racing with RF and microwave filters in performance, physical and cost parameters. Developing technologies in materials and fabrications are defining new paths in filter designs. Tunable filters that are able to cover a number of different frequency bands are always on demand by the progressing communications technology. In this paper, Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG) structure is studied and the novel configurations of periodic filters on dielectric materials that dynamically change their electromagnetic properties under a DC voltage bias are obtained and analysed. A tunable filter is designed using a dielectric material which produces tuning in the filter frequency. The research is carried on a single resonance element and experimented for tunability variations. S-parameter responses are obtained and analysed for the developed model through simulations. The filter with EBG structure showed tunability replacing the Liquid Crystal (LC) dielectric material is presented.



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