International Journal of Communication Networks and Security


Grid is an emerging technology that aims at utilizing resources efficiently and effectively, A botnet is a collection of infected computers and the common attacks are A Distributed denial of service attack (DDOS) is any type of attack on a networking structure to disable a server from servicing its clients. Attacks range from sending millions of requests to a server in an attempt to slow it down, flooding a server with large packets of invalid data, to sending requests with an Invalid or spoofed ip address. A botnet is taking action on the client itself via IRC Channels without the hackers having to login to the clients computer. In this paper we show the implementation and analysis of three main types of attack: Ping of Death, TCP SYN Flood, and Distributed DOS. The Ping of Death attack will be simulated against a Microsoft Windows xp, computer. The TCP SYN Flood attack will be simulated against a Microsoft Windows 2007 IIS FTP Server. Distributed DOS will be demonstrated by simulating a distribution zombie program that will carry the Ping of Death attack. This paper focuses on improving the efficiency of the system performance over the network by implementing algorithm, It demonstrate the potential damage from DOS attacks and analyze the ramifications of the damage.



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