International Journal of Communication Networks and Security


The Service Tracking Manager (STM) application is a management software that integrates, collects, and manages alerts/events information from Casino Management Systems. It allows casinos to track alerts and events at different locations. Casinos staff attends to various kinds of requests. The requests can be for providing customer service, handle events related to slots, alerts for security reasons, and so on. As the size of the casino increases, handling, managing, and prioritizing the requests become difficult and casinos resort to hiring more staff. STM is independent of the host system and receives requests from Slot Management Systems, Casino Management Systems and other source applications as appropriate. Once the requests are received, the STM application helps in managing and prioritizing the requests. The main functionality or the key operation to be performed on the data is the parsing to check if it is required by the STM system. To distribute the work, the Thread Pool concept is used. The STM application also runs the logic for prioritizing the tasks and assigns it to the staff. The present work proposes a service tracking manager based on dynamic thread pool concept. The paper examines the correlation between the internal characteristics and the performance of the static and dynamic thread pool. The simulation results show that dynamic optimization for thread pool size is very effective in alleviating the management overhead and improving the overall performance



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