International Journal of Communication Networks and Security

Aims & Scope

Topic Coverage

The journal invites paper from all areas under the broad spectrum of Communication Network, Security and their applications. The areas are as follows: Hardware support, System architectures, Services and system support
Algorithm/protocol design and analysis
Mobile environments and Applications
Wireless communications and networks
Software systems and communication systems
Distributed and cooperative control systems
Modelling, identification, analysis and control of time delay systems
Networked control systems (NCS)
Network control, e.g., admission/flow/congestion control
Network scheduling and bandwidth allocation
Quality of service (QoS) and quality of performance (QoP)
Protocol-based feedback control and control-oriented communication protocols
Design and analysis of quantisers and coder/decoders
Control with partial/intermittent/delayed information feedback
Computationally efficient control and communication algorithms
Fault detection, diagnostics and prognostics
Evolving complex network models and design algorithms.
New features and theoretic analysis of complex network systems
Synchronisation and control of complex dynamical networks
Emergent behaviours and patterns on complex networks
Complex dynamic networks and multi-agent systems
Frequency hop set design
Point to point link topology, propagation modelling and ray tracing
Key performance indicators, surrogates and quality of service
Traffic modeling, Routing
Subscriber location issues
High performance computing, Parallel processing
Incoming and outgoing wireless links
Efficacy of mobile communications
Mobile communication security issues and requirements
Interaction and integration in mobile communications
Mobile ad hoc networking and Nomadic communication
Wireless information assurance
Security and communications in distributed systems
Access control, Authentication and Authorisation
Data integrity and Data confidentiality
Security specification techniques in all kinds of networks
Formal analyses and Security group communications
Anonymity, Prevention of traffic analysis
Secure location determination and Denial of service
Network security performance evaluation
Routing, Medium access control (MAC)
Coverage, Connectivity and Longevity
Scheduling, Synchronisation and Network resource management
Fault tolerance and diagnostics
Performance analysis
Security, privacy, and data integrity
Network protocols