International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


Rapid depletion of fossil resources, high demand for energy and global warming together encourage us to look for renewable polymer items with low carbon. ‘Green monomers’ could be derived from bio-refineries, biowastes or renewable oil, plastics-waste. The polymer obtained from such green monomers are renewable and can display good characteristics equivalent to the traditional polymers or sometimes better than the existing polymers. Green technology is a global movement to create vibrant and sustainable cities. Green technology addresses social, economic and environmental values and creates a green economy. Green technology is based on the process of using waste materials for beneficial purposes by managing, and recycling the waste. This technology involves the waste treatment, incineration and management. Many materials prepared form green composites are cost effective in-terms less consumption of electricity, and water, at the same time a significant decrease in CO2 emission, and solid waste generation. The present review presents the effective techniques, difficulties, applications & information on bio-polymers, natural fiber reinforcements, properties of the different green composites and recommendations.





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