International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


Technology plays a very important part in today’s world, the simplest of tasks demands technology and we as humans crave every day for better technology to make our lives easier, with the help of technology that saves us valuable time and energy which can be utilized to do more productive work, amongst technological advances, expert system plays a very important role in every field and the major field where expert systems can be employed in, is animal detection, for the welfare of animals and the people who need to interact and at times avoid interaction with these animals. The review paper outlines the different animal detection systems in different areas like farmland and offshore turbines and also compares the different technologies presently in use for the detection of wild animals, farms animals and wild birds as pests,. The outcome of this review is going to help the researchers to use the best equipments, right sensors, microcontrollers and other networking devices that are less expensive, having higher detection range and less maintenance requiring for the better detection of animals, without causing harm to them and effectively and safely warding off the animals.





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