International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


With the introduction of E-Governance, ambient intelligence and ICT applications affect all areas of citizen lives. The field of justice is presenting opportunities and risks that, if mastered now, may offer a route and solution to the dilemma of privacy and scope of encountering it by properly positioning the jurisdiction with better resolutions. Law must be better enforced and more consistently applied across the member states to retain and sustain public credibility, trust and respect by properly safeguarding citizen interests denudes them of government authority especially in a largest democratic country like India. Privacy in cyberspace has been a continuing congressional priority as ICT is becoming pervasive through the implementation of e-governance. There is a need for having privacy law explicitly to India especially within the scope of EGovernance. Discussions are taking place to in the form of proposing it. So this paper while eliciting some of the privacy concerns, suggests that ASCP model can help as an initial level driving index to position the privacy and hence expected to be considered as a prologue to Privacy policy design.





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