International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


Sometimes sensitive data must be handed over to supposedly trust third parties. With the extensive application of database systems, the owners of the databases have urgent requirements to protect their copyright of databases. Some of the data is leaked and found in an unauthorized place the distributor must assess the likelihood that the leaked data came from one or more users. This paper contains concept of data leakage, its causes of leakage and different techniques to protect and detect the data leakage. In the field of IT huge database is being used. This database is shared with multiple people at a time. But during this sharing of the data, there are huge chances of data vulnerability, leakage or alteration. So, to prevent these problems, detection of data leakage system has been proposed. This paper includes brief idea about data leakage detection and a methodology to detect the data leakage persons. Data leakage is the main hindrance in data distribution. Traditionally this data leakage is handled by watermarking technique which requires modification of data.





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