International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


SOA is an ideal architectural solution for resolving the adaptation, interoperability and dynamic requirements of information services in e-government applications. Construction and test Web Service solution for e-government is becoming more and more important for e-government adoption. Test cases play an important role in software applications and tracing of bugs in many software projects. In web services there are different techniques and software tools used for accessing the information however sometime, data is updated from different remote locations and give common information. There are different approaches for service composition, ranging from manual to semi-automatic to fully automatic. However it is quite complex when taking independently developed services and integrate them. In e-governance, there are many applications, which work concurrently and give different values to different persons at an instance, which can be traced improperly. In this paper we propose how a service is working properly which is having many services in e-governance applications. Web sites are of different servers and databases but they can integrate by using web services i.e. by using SOA. In SOA architecture a service can test to other service as service requester and what the services are tested as service provider. The trust of service testing is an important criteria while testing a service about its performance, efficiency and accurate.





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