International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


Steganography is an effective way of hiding secret data, by this means of protecting the data from unauthorized or unwanted viewing. Using cryptography technique will encrypt and decrypt message to provide better security. Cryptography protects the message from being read by unauthorized parties, steganography lets the sender conceal the fact that he has even sent a message. One of the new and promising communication medium that can be used as steganography is the Voice over Internet Protocol. VOIP covers a wide range of information hiding techniques. The main idea is to use free unused fields of VOIP protocols like TCP, UDP etc. By hiding one secret text into the cover speech using steganography we can get a stego speech, which sounds indistinguishable from the original cover speech. So even if the Hackers/crackers catch the audio packets on network, they would not notice that there is some secret text hidden inside it. To develop a Voice Chat Tool, this can also enable us to send secret data hidden inside the voice packets at the same time. We used LSB method of steganography and for better security we provide encryption to the message to be sent. There is no restriction on the length of message as more the communicators talk larger the file is sent. Human auditory system (HAS) operates over a wide dynamic range. It is challenging to hide secret data inside audio.





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