International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


Web applications are the most widely used software in the internet. When a web application is developed and deployed in the real environment, It is very severe if any bug found by the attacker or the customer or the owner of the web application. It is the very important to do the proper pre-analysis testing before the release. It is very costly thing if the proper testing of web application is not done at the development location and any bug found at the customer location. For web application testing the existing systems such as DART, Cute and EXE are available. These tools generate test cases by executing the web application on concrete user inputs. These tools are best suitable for testing static web sites and are not suitable for dynamic web applications. The existing systems needs user inputs for generating the test cases. It is most difficult thing for the human being to provide dynamic inputs for all the possible cases. This paper presents algorithms and implementation, and an experimental evaluation that revealed HTML Failures, Execution Failures, Includes in PHP Web applications.





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