International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


Cloud computing provides huge computing services to the business for improving the organizational growth. Basic requirement needed for this technology is Internet but provides higher capability when compared to the Internet. Cloud computing is a combination of computation, software, data access and also provides storage services. In Cloud, storage of data and the location of stored data are not known to the user. Cloud computing adopts the concept of virtualization, service oriented architecture, autonomic, and utility computing. The cloud has more advantages and easy to implement with any business logics. Cloud delivers services from different data sources and servers located on different geographical location but the user gets single point of view from the cloud service. This paper presents the survey on cloud computing, it includes cloud architecture, different models of deployment, and characteristics of Clouds. Cloud computing saves time, money and effort. The nature of cloud computing and their dependence on broad band internet might pose some serious issues for cloud provider and cloud users. This paper also describes some of the issues and challenges related to the cloud computing. Finally, the paper presents an observation study and suggests where to apply the cloud and where not to.





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