International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


Instructional strategies for e-content development have to be entirely different from that for traditional printed materials, such as text books and manuals. This is due to the fact that, technically and socially both have different instructional processes. Due to the advent of ICT development in recent times, many Computer Technology subject contents are being uploaded in e-learning modes. Training imparted through e-modes has increased in recent times specifically in India. This paper demonstrates the effectiveness of our suggestion on Real World Problem centric Instructional approach. Specific issues on the e-mode have been inferred through a social study conducted on Indian learners (respondents). The paper justifies the adaptation of ‘First Principles of Instruction’ through our experimental study. Due to reasons elaborated in the paper this proven Instructional approach using ‘First Principles of Instruction’ would be well suited for e-content development of Computer Science and Engineering subjects.





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