International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


The recent development in the field of Web system technology has transformed the software industry radically by integrating a wide range of web users, vendors, and enterprise applications worldwide. In Web-based system, a security requirement is a critical issue. This difficulty is due to the complexity level of such systems as well as their variety and increasing distribution. The World Wide Web has become a highly adopted platform for web system. In order to avoid the high impacts of software vulnerabilities, it is necessary to specify security requirements early in the development on a detailed level and it needs to be built into the application design up-front by explicitly stating the security approach. A current web system faces major security problems because security design is not integrated into the Web Engineering Development Process. Due to insufficient support for a concrete and assessable level the application security and the software security is invaded. This paper emphasizes on need of security at Development Lifecycle (SDLC) of web system and integration of security in web system development life cycle.





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