International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


Android is a bright young, vibrant, completely open source mobile platform packing warm chirpy waves in the world all around. Android is the first open source software toolkit for mobile environment. Economic Techno Commercial incentives through Market Android has been kindling a tremendous stimulations to technical developers worldwide and has promoted Techno Entrepreneurial influence to Developers as a social boon of Google Android to the Society & Fraternity. This research paper explores the concept of video streaming by implementing Android Applications and uploading the Apps on Android Market. Application for online stored video streaming has been developed. Along with Object Monitoring with Webcam fitted in Laptop and USB based Web Camera works fine with VLC Media Player for capturing Live Video uploading on Media Server which can watched on Android Mobile by authenticating the application. The same concept has been implemented on Android Mobile by capturing video with Mobile Camera uploading the MJPG video on IP network which can be observed on VLC or any supported browser. The system implemented can be used as video surveillance and monitoring application to monitor objects in remote locations and makes use of the camera on the Mobile or Laptop device to capture real time video image from remote stations which is then streamed over the WiFi network so that the video can be viewed on VLC media player as well as browser applications. Android based Webserver application is customized to work as Media Server for this research paper. Finally the Processor Performance Analysis is done to compare the two Video Streaming application for the performance of Processor while each of them is running on Android Mobile The project finds application in Healthcare monitoring, Employee surveillance, Patient monitoring, Baby monitoring, Pets and Remote Location monitoring. It can be implemented for automatic surveillance of Students of Examination centers by Controller of Examination and several other remote video surveillance applications. The applications covered in the research papers has been successfully accepted and uploaded in Android Market by Google.





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