International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


In India and many developing and under-developed countries, providing internet facility to many school-going students is still a far-fetched concept. Also, in places like DRDO, DRDL and ISRO campuses, where internet is blocked due to security reasons, lack of internet causes many problems even to those who have blocked it. In places where natural calamities have struck or in warzones where the attacker has taken down the internet infrastructure, contacting loved ones through social forums or just accessing basic internet facilities is impossible. In this paper, which is based on our project, we propose a new system which circumvents the internet architecture by using GSM infrastructure to access internet services, albeit on a reduced scale. This can be done by using a GSM Modem interfaced to a microcontroller (NXP in this case.) The command sets of each service offered in the system are integrated in the source code. The GSM Modem is controlled through AT Commands and sends SMS messages to access internet services and receives information in the form of SMS messages. All subsystems in the module are interfaced to the microcontroller.





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