International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


Cloud Architectures discourse key hitches surrounding large-scale data dispensation. In customary data processing it is grim to get as many machines as an application needs. Second, it is difficult to get the machines when one needs them. Third, it is difficult to dispense and harmonize a large-scale job on different machines, run processes on them, and provision another machine to recover if one machine fails. Fourth, it is difficult to auto scale up and down based on dynamic workloads. Fifth, it is difficult to get rid of all those machines when the job is done. Cloud Architectures solve such difficulties.Optical character recognition of cursive scripts present a number of thought-provokingsnags in both segmentation and recognition processes and this entices many researches in the arena of contraption learning. This paper presents the best approach based on a mishmash of OCR and Cloud Computing to handle with the Apple’s prerequisite, to make it available in the app store to design a splendid OCR for outdoor portable documents. The enactment results on a comprehensive database show a high notch of accuracy which meets the requirements of viable use.





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