International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


Recent day Communication between ends is facilitated by the development in the area of wired and wireless networks. So many researches are going on the field of motion estimation to achieve the requirement of recent day technology. Block matching algorithms are very useful in achieving the efficient and acceptable motion estimation. Total computation cost and bit budgeting can be efficiently controlled by properly modifying block matching algorithms. Video coding using Orthogonal Logarithmic Search Algorithm (OSA) is one of the best block matching algorithms used now days. Motion estimation is the most time consuming operation in a typical video encoder. This paper presents a novel method by combining modified three step (M3SS) algorithm with a different search pattern and diamond search (DS) based on dead cell for the block based motion estimation. Result shows that from the original Three step Search (3SS/TSS ) method, the PSNR value has increased and the computations time has been reduced effectively by modified 3SS and again to increase the search space we combined diamond search(DS) algorithm. The experimental results based on different video frames were compared to demonstrate the advantages of proposed fast motion estimation algorithm.





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