International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


ISOs are "isomorphic algorithms", which are life forms that emerged-- unplanned--from the artificial environment of the grid.Isomorphic Algorithms (better known as ISOs) are a race of programs that spontaneously evolved on the Grid, as opposed to being created by users. ISOs differ from standard programs with distinctions in their appearance and capabilities, but where they are truly unique is in their code base. While regular programs conform to the rigid structure defined by their users, ISOs have evolved, complete with a genetic code of sorts.. This inner structure of their code has allowed ISOs to develop beyond the capabilities of regular programs.. These miraculous algorithms had the capacity to evolve and change and grow at tremendous rates utilizing genetic algorithms, whereas normal programs that were intentionally written by users could only change slowly in anticipated fashions. What's REALLY important about the isomorphic algorithms id, it is revealed that indeed programs can escape the grid into the real world, essentially raising questions of what is life, sentience, the soul, etc. that humanity is no longer confined to humans, but has essentially arisen out of our digital dust and the real and digital world can become interchangeable This kind of human life form is made possible for ISOs because of digital DNA and object recognition which is made possible in isomorphic algorithms.. In this paper we aregoing to describe how an algorithm can be emergedinto human life form.





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