International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


Knowledge is the information that is learnt or understood from the education and experience. Knowledge is not just to be shared but also stored for mining new information. The present Indian Technical Education is changing alarmingly and needs to adapt to the rapidly changing technological changes. Also there is a need to bridge the gap between academics and Industry needs. With the ever changing expectations of the learner, we need to adapt to the technology to a larger extent to share knowledge. Knowledge sharing using technology is the need of the hour today. Institutions must manage knowledge effectively in order to take full advantage of the skills and experience inherent in their systems as well as the tacit knowledge belonging to the teachers of the Institute. Knowledge, being the most important resource needs to be managed effectively. Knowledge Management not only retrieves and stores the existing knowledge but also supports the growth of new knowledge. Most educational institutions have some type of Information systems in place to store knowledge, but there is lot of barriers that makes the sharing of knowledge difficult. There should be a proper framework to store assimilate and share knowledge in an institution. To cater to the knowledge needs of the institution, a framework for the knowledge management is designed. This system is designed keeping in mind the requirements of an Indian Technical Institute. This system will be used for creating, assimilating, sharing and overall Knowledge Management of an Institution.





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