International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


In this modern world, all of the persons are using the facility of internet. SECURITY is one of the major issue of the internet. Everyday highly skilled hackers breach the security and take the advantage of vulnerabilities to access the confidential data. To overcome this problem one solution was suggested named Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT). Vulnerability Assessment is the art of finding an open door. Penetration Testing involves a series of activities undertaken to identify and exploit security vulnerabilities. Penetration testing is widely used to help ensure the security of the network. Traditional penetration testing were manually performed by tester according to scheme, the process is usually complex resulting in that it is labor-intensive and requires tester to be familiar with all kind of tools. So it is very desirable to use a unified method to describe the scheme which can be identified by computer, then the computer can be used to substitute for tester to perform penetration testing. This paper gives the overview of VAPT and describes the process & methodology of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.





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