International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


In this work, we present a CODEC design for two classes of crosstalk avoidance codes (CACs), forbidden pattern codes (FPCs) and forbidden transition codes (FTCs). Our mapping and coding scheme is based on the Fibonacci numeral system and the mathematical analysis shows that all numbers can be represented by FTF vectors in the Fibonacci numeral system (FNS). The proposed CODEC design is highly efficient, modular and can be easily combined with a bus partitioning technique. We also investigate the implementation issues and our experimental results show that the proposed CODEC complexity is orders of magnitude better compared to the brute force implementation. Compared to the best existing approaches, we achieve a 17% improvement in logic complexity. A high speed design can be achieved through pipelining. In this paper, we generalize the idea in and establish a generic framework for the CODEC design of all classes of CACs based on binary mixed-radix numeral systems. Using this framework, we propose CODECs for OLCs and FPCs with optimal code rates as well as CODECs for FOCs with near-optimal code rates.





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