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This paper describes how the web content visualization can be greatly improved using the modeling technique. Web content visualization is the outcome of effort made to avail an improved 3D visualization unlike the 2D web content visualization at present. Web page navigation in this case will be depicted by a 2D graph and the web content will be visualized in the form of 3D graph. Also the RSS feeds will be visualized in the form of 3D graph. In normal browser we type name of the URL in the address bar and that URL is downloaded. But the 3D browser takes any URL as an input and generates a 3D graph of the whole website. When we type the URL, a root node of this URL is created. And then this URL goes to the Parser. The parser, parse this web page and gives output in the form of the set of the hyperlinks. Corresponding to each link we create a node and it is attached to the root node. In this way the whole 3D graph of the website is generated. Different color schemes are used for the nodes of different links e.g. text links, image links, video links etc. Advanced search facility is also provided. Moreover as the graph is 3D in nature, the user can rotate the graph as per his requirement.





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