International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


As we know internet has become a very important factor in our day today life. It is a wide media for communication and exchange of ideas for people staying in any nook and corner of the world. We have proposed a system in which we are developing a speech interactive web application services. Our main aim is to provide these services to the special ones who are unable to make use of the current system so efficiently. In our proposed work we are mainly focusing on the WEB APPLICATIONS. Many a times the disabled people are unable to access internet, for them this system will help to download news, or even access their mails through speech. Our proposed system mainly deals with the ability to handle web applications along with the O.S, mouse and keyboard control through speech, so that they can be used by persons without the use of the hands to develop an interface between the computer and the user. In our proposal we have used SAPI .It provides commands to the main central application which is handled by the GUI. Thus we look forward to develop web application through speech interaction.





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