International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


While touch sensing is a commonplace for single points of contact, multi-point touch sensing technology enables a user to interact with a system with more than one fingers or hands simultaneously. As a result multiple users can interact with the system at the same time and multiple operations can be performed. Our multipoint touch screen comes with some striking features like scalability, economical with good graphical user interface .The smooth interface will replace the necessity of input devices like keyboards and mouse in future. The technique relies on one of the latest and most reliable technologies used for manufacturing touch screens-the infra red light waves. Several basic modifications in the standard IR Touch Screen and some advanced programming architecture can enable us to device such low cost multipoint touch screens. The basic motive behind using this technology is that the screen can be an add on to any other screen and is feasible and more transparent as compared to resistive touch screens. The hardware system is based on ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) technology and the software will be implemented using java as a platform. Multi-touch technology has many potential applications including a whole new way of interfacing with computers using images, videos, animations, maps and multiplayer gaming. Thus we look forward to develop a system that will be economical yet feasible and scalable implementation of multipoint touch screen. This will in turn accommodate multiple users to work, play and interact with the system in parallel.





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