International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


Late arrival of help in emergency situation like road accident can lead a person to death. Getting the help depends on time required to alert the helper. There are many Location Based Services available in today’s smartphones that are usually used for the applications like navigation, travelling and many of the commercial applications. Many of the location based services are also in the field of emergency alert system, but each of them needs the human intervention. If the victim gets in the emergency situation like road accident and no help is available, and at the same time if he is not able to make call for help then the things get worst. In such situation the victim can only rely for help on the helper to whom he trusts, because usually the nearby people do not take the responsibility of the situation like road accident which is known as “bystandereffect”. Smart Call System (SCS) is the intellectual call system which will automatically alert the user’s helper without the user intervention. This will be made possible by using the Global Positioning System (GPS), Pull and Push services. Thus the help can be provided to the victim through the SCS.





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