International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


In this paper, a simulation of microneedle array for Amniotic Fluid extraction during 1st/ 2nd trimester period have been presented. Structural and fluidic analyses have been performed to investigate the mechanical strength of microneedles and fluid flow rate through the lumen regions. The effect of axial and transverse loads on the microneedles during skin insertion is investigated in the stress analysis. Fluidic analysis shows that the proposed design is suitable for Amniotic Fluid extraction because double lumen microneeldes is suitable for amniotic fluid extraction and the pressure difference between two lumens is useful to avoid clogging effect. This microneedle array cause the mother and the fetus safe, time consumption is less and reduce miscarriage. Here in this paper the microneedle array has been designed and simulated using COMSOL Multiphysics Package and their structural optimization is also been reviewed.





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