International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


Innovation has been one of the most important factors in driving the economic growth in all industries and in particular the IT industry. The innovation will give a competitive edge to a company over the others. But the factors which influence innovation are not understood clearly. Nevertheless there are no proper instruments which measure the performance of innovation owing to the complexity involved in selection of different variables. There are some instruments available for innovation performance measurement but they are not complete. The main thrust of this paper is on the development, validation and application of the categories of factors which influence innovation in the IT sector through empirical means. The instrument that is chosen for the empirical study tests the dependence of innovation in the IT sector on the three dimensions of categories of factors. The instrument is validated for content, criterion and constructs validity, which includes the statistical test of significance. The empirical study has been performed using this instrument through random sampling technique. A hypothesis is tested to study whether different categories of factors influence innovation in IT sector. The result of this empirical study is the development of a valid instrument that can be used to study the influence of categories of factors on innovation in IT sector.





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