International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


In weather forecasting as well as in other scientific domains, large-scale and distributed data collections are emerging as critical community resources. With the development of Grid technologies, data management and sharing can be exploited in such an efficient way. In this paper, we present our approach in constructing a portal-based Meteorological Data Grid System with first application in Weather Forecasting .Our system architecture has three layers. The first layer is Modeling System that uses Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) models to generate forecast data automatically in GRIB/NetCDF format. The second layer is a Data Grid which provides users with secure and easy access to distributed meteorological datasets. It also addresses authentication / authorization for secure transfers, mechanisms for scalable data replication, and technologies for searching relevant datasets regarding metadata provided by users. A Grid Portal, the third layer, is built for purpose of easy using the system. We also allow advance resource reservation to have exclusive access to Grid resources





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