International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


This paper proposes a new methodology of recognizing face using Individual Eigen Subspaces and it’s implemented in the field of Image Processing for Personnel verification or recognition. A major objective of this work is to develop a tool for face recognition, which can help in quicker and effective analysis of a face from the face set, thus reducing false acceptance rate and false rejection rate. Face recognition has been widely explored in the past years. A lot of techniques have been applied in various applications. Robustness and reliability have become more and more important for these applications especially in security systems. In this thesis, a variety of approaches for face recognition are reviewed first. These approaches are classified according to three basic tasks: face representation, face detection, and face identification. An implementation of the appearance-based face recognition method, the eigenface recognition approach, is reported. This method utilizes the idea of the principal component analysis and decomposes face images into a small set of characteristic feature images called eigenfaces. This proposed work is intended to develop, multiple face Eigen subspaces. With each one is corresponding to one known subject privately, rather than all individuals sharing one universal subspace as in the traditional eigenface method. Compared with the traditional single subspace face representation, the proposed method captures the extra personal difference to the most possible extent, which is crucial to distinguish between individuals, and on the other hand, it throws away the most intrapersonal difference and noise in the input.





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