International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


Sanity testing is the process of testing the basic functionality of any software product. Sanity testing would take considerable amount of time by test engineer to test the product. If sanity testing itself fails, then the effort put on other testing techniques would go waste, as the build is declared un-usable if Sanity fails. Hence it is a good idea to automate sanity testing process so that, same sanity suite can be run as soon as a new build arrives. This automation tool is developed for a specific product, Media Access Cross Connect. The tool is being divided into two parts. First part, records all test cases in the background, whenever a test engineer performs sanity testing and saves it in XML file format. Second part, replays same configurations using a script and carries out verification and validation for the response data to decide success or failure of the test cases. It is record once run many times activity.





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