International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


With the increase in silicon densities, it is becoming feasible for compression systems to be implemented in chip. A system with distributed memory architecture is based on having data compression and decompression engines working independently on different data at the same time. This data is stored in memory distributed to each processor. The objective of the project is to design a lossless data compression system which operates in high-speed to achieve high compression rate. By using the architecture of compressors, the data compression rates are significantly improved. Also inherent scalability of architecture is possible. The main parts of the system are the data compressors and the control blocks providing control signals for the Data compressors, allowing appropriate control of the routing of data into and from the system. Each Data compressor can process four bytes of data into and from a block of data in every clock cycle. The data entering the system needs to be clocked in at a rate of 4 bytes in every clock cycle. This is to ensure that adequate data is present for all compressors to process rather than being in an idle state.





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