International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


The recent advancements in the field of embedded electronics have given birth to a number of bio-medical consumer devices which include portable blood pressure monitors and blood glucose monitors. Atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease take a huge toll on our society. Atherosclerosis typically begins in early adolescence, and is found in major arteries, yet is asymptomatic and not detected by most diagnostic methods during life. However it does produce a noticeable change in the waveform generated by an ECG. It is known that ECG interpretation requires a qualified individual, but if the irregularities observed in the ECG signal are used to bring about audible or visual changes, it would enable a common man to diagnose his condition before it gets critical. This project aims at using irregularities in an ECG signal to induce tempo in a polyphonic music piece using the duration of the QRS complex. The amalgamation of a music player and an ECG is yet to be seen in the market. Implementation of this project will also bring forth the feasibility of such a product to see how it will benefit the patient.





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