International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


In this proposed embedded car security system, FDS(Face Detection System) is used to detect the face of the driver and compare it with the predefined face. For example, in the night when the car’s owner is sleeping and someone theft the car then FDS obtains images by one tiny web camera which can be hidden easily in somewhere in the car. FDS compares the obtained image with the predefined images if the image doesn’t match, then the information is sent to the owner through MMS. So now owner can obtain the image of the thief in his mobile as well as he can trace the location through GPS. The location of the car as well as its speed can be displayed to the owner through SMS. So by using this system, owner can identify the thief image as well as the location of the car This system prototype is built on the base of one embedded platform in which one SoC named “SEP4020”(works at 100MHz) controls all the processes .Experimental results illuminate the validity of this car security system.




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