International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


Biometrics refers to the automatic recognition of individuals based on their physiological and/or behavioral characteristics, such as faces, finger prints, iris, and gait. In this paper, we focus on the application of finger print recognition system. The spectral minutiae fingerprint recognition is a method to represent a minutiae set as a fixedlength feature vector, which is invariant to translation, and in which rotation and scaling become translations, so that they can be easily compensated for. Based on the spectral minutiae features, this paper introduces two feature reduction algorithms: the Column Principal Component Analysis and the Line Discrete Fourier Transform feature reductions, which can efficiently compress the template size with a reduction rate of 94%.With reduced features, we can also achieve a fast minutiae-based matching algorithm. This paper presents the performance of the spectral minutiae fingerprint recognition system, this fast operation renders our system suitable for a large-scale fingerprint identification system, thus significantly reducing the time to perform matching, especially in systems like, police patrolling, airports etc,. The spectral minutiae representation system tends to significantly reduce the false acceptance rate with a marginal increase in the false rejection rate.





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