International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


A Self Help Group [SHG] is a small homogeneous gathering of persons who join on a voluntary basis in order to undertake some common activity through mutual trust and mutual help. SHG system is conceptualized primarily to address the problem of rural unemployment, and empowering people to make them economically self-dependent. But, there is a possibility of it being turned into a commercial unit negating the very thesis it espouses. We proposed a value based design of information system for SHGs to make them socially responsive by inculcating the social objectives such as collaboration, dependability, transparency and inclusiveness. The study includes formalization of structural and dynamic aspects of SHGs, and deals with the implementability of dynamic behavior that makes the system socially responsive by implementing the four objectives. We plan implementation of the concept in UML framework. The information system will be useful to the Funding Agency/Governing Body in identifying which of the members, SHGs, Banks, Third Party Merchants and NGOs are socially responsive i.e. collaborative, dependable, transparent and inclusive.





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