International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


Demand of information security is increasing day by day with the exponential growth of Internet. The content of message is kept secret in cryptography, where as steganography message is embedded into the cover image. In this paper a system is developed in which cryptography and steganography are used as integrated part along with newly developed enhanced security model. In cryptography the process of encryption is carried out using symmetric block ciphers with linear algebraic equation to encrypt a message [1] and the obtained cipher text is hidden in to the cover image which makes the system highly secured. Least Significant Bit (LSB) technique is used for message hiding which replaces the least significant Bits of pixel selected to the hide the information. A large number of commercial steganographic programs use LSB as the method of choice for message hiding in 24-bit,8bit-color images, and gray scale images. It is observed from the simulation study that both methods together enhance security significantly.




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