International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


A fuzzy logic based software for automation of a single pool irrigation canal is presented. Purpose of the software is to control downstream discharge and water level of the canal, by adjusting discharge release from the upstream end and upstream gate settings. The software is developed on a fuzzy control algorithm proposed by the first author during his doctoral research work and published in literature. Details of the algorithm are given. The algorithm was originally developed using fuzzy logic tool box of MATLAB, which is proprietary software not available freely and hence cannot be adopted for general use. Present study describes development of a canal automation software based on this algorithm using open source tools, which are freely available. The software is transparent and intuitive, which can be easily applied by field engineers. The effort required in tuning the fuzzy model has been reduced by including an optimization technique. Also, a new procedure has been introduced for fuzzy inference based on the Mamdani Implication method. The software is tested by applying it to water level control problem in a canal with a single pool, as reported in literature, and satisfactory results are obtained.





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