International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


The morphometric analysis of study area has been carried out using Arc GIS software. The study area covers 3035 sq.km. The drainage network was delineated using SOI topographical map of no. 47 K – 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 47 L - 9 on the scale 1:50,000. Morphological characterized of the drainage line as appear in shape ,size, number, order, length, Dd, Sf, Rb, Fs, T, Rc are derived to trace its usefulness for surface development . The present study involves Geographic Information System (GIS) analysis technique to evaluate and compare linear relief and aerial morphometry of Yerala watershed of Krishna River. Yerala watershed is basically 7th order drainage and is mainly dendritic to sub dendritic. Drainage density and texture of the drainage basin is 6.89 km/km2, 18.60 respectively. The drainage frequency of Yerala watersheds is 1.96 where as the bifurcation ratio ranges from 2 to 11. Hence from the study it can be conclude that GIS technique proves to be competent tool in morphometric analysis.





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