International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) shows promising areas of applications in the field of computational technique of proper project selection. There are four distinct families of methods in MCDM: (a) the outranking,(b) the theory based on value and utility, (c) the multiple objective programming and (d) collaborative decision and negotiation theory based method. An Analytical way to reach the best possible solution of project selection is most desirable. Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) is one of the best ways for deciding among the complex criteria structure in different levels. Fuzzy AHP is a synthetic extension of classical AHP method under fuzziness. A fuzzy decision may be viewed as an intersection of the given goals and constraints. A maximizing decision is defined as a point in the space of alternatives at which the membership function of a fuzzy decision attains its maximum value. This paper aims at the integration of fuzzy AHP and Additive Ratio Assessment Method (ARAS). It actually deals with a novel integrated approach of dual synthesis of project selection. At first fuzzy AHP, method is used to find the criteria coefficient with the performance evaluation in a certain environment where triangular fuzzy number describes the subjectivity of vagueness of the criteria. In the second phase, ARAS method is used to determine the rank of the final project selection.





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