International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


The basic idea of COFDM is to split the modulation samples of incoming data stream onto a large number of carriers instead of modulating a unique carrier. Therefore, COFDM is an effective technique for combating multi-path fading and for highbit- rate transmission over wireless channel. In a single carrier system a frequency Selective fading can cause the entire transmission link to fail, but in an COFDM multi carrier system, only a small percentage of the sub-carriers will be corrupted. Frequency and time interleaving in conjunction with forward error correction coding can then be used to correct for erroneous subcarriers. The background information with the aim to provide an intuitive explanation of our research motivation. C-OFDM is the modulation scheme of choice , as enshrined in International standard for all forms of digital broadcasting both audio and video and including satellite, terrestrial, and cable. In the existing standard the “coding” referred to consists of an inner convolutional code concatenated with an outer R-S code; here in this thesis, we replace the inner code with the coding like space time trellis code for analysis





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