International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


Medical images edge detection is an important work for object recognition of the human organs and it is an important pre-processing step in medical image segmentation and reconstruction. Conventionally, edge is detected according to gradient-based algorithm and template-based algorithm, but they are not so good for noise medical image edge detection. In this paper, basic mathematical morphological theory and operations are introduced, and then a novel mathematical morphological edge detection algorithm is proposed to detect the edge of medical images with salt-and-pepper noise. The simulation results shows that the novel mathematical morphological edge detection algorithm is more efficient for image denoising and edge detection than the usually used template-based edge detection algorithms and general morphological edge detection algorithms. It has been observed that the proposed morphological edge detection algorithm performs better than sobel, prewitt, roberts and canny’s edge detection algorithm. In this paper the comparative analysis of various image edge detection techniques is presented using MATLAB 8.0





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