International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


This paper presents the design and implementation of Automatic Power Meter (APM), The APM is implemented using an ARM and Zigbee Based power meter Communication Module. The design presents a new methodology for avoiding the high construction and maintenance costs in the existing meter reading technology. Using an APM with network technologies has become a trend today. The designed PMZCM system avoids the human intervention in Power Management. If the Consumer doesn’t pay the bill in time, the power connection will be disconnected from the remote server automatically. It displays the corresponding billing information on LCD and sends data to the server through the Zigbee Module. The ARM based hardware system consists of a processor core board and the peripheral board. The entire programming is based on Embedded C Language. This system provides efficient meter reading, avoiding the billing error and reduces the maintenance cost. This paper also addresses advantages of implementing the Zigbee communication module and design detail and discusses the advanced security of the data communications/transmission





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