International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


As design trends move toward nanometer technology, new Automatic Test Pattern Generation (ATPG)problems are merging. During design validation, the effect of crosstalk on reliability and performance cannot be ignored. So new ATPG Techniques has to be developed for testing crosstalk faults which affect the timing behaviour of circuits. In this paper, we present a Genetic Algorithm (GA) based test generation for crosstalk induced delay faults in VLSI circuits. The GA produces reduced test set which contains as few as possible test vector pairs, which detect as many as possible crosstalk delay faults. It uses a crosstalk delay fault simulator which computes the fitness of each test sequence. Tests are generated for ISCAS’85 and scan version of ISCAS’89 benchmark circuits. Experimental results demonstrate that GA gives higher fault coverage and compact test vectors for most of the benchmark circuits.





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