International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


The well-known buzzword, say Cloud Computing, attracts the attention from both academy and industry across the world, because of its potential in achieving the long-held dream, say Utility Computing and opens a new era for new spawned companies to provide services above this new concept[6],[8]. At the same time hackers have also turned their faces to cloud to breach the security. The best software solution provides utilization of cloud computing and take full advantage of it with best security solutions and assurance. To achieve this goal proposed system provides the following solution, which uses three tier security in cloud environment. Set of biometric features are first extracted from user’s face image, The extracted features are then quantized and mapped to binary representation for feature point matching. The produced features and the secret key (which will restrict unauthorized access) are bound using Face fuzzy vault scheme .During authentication key will be correctly retrieved if face vault matches. Also to prevent data from cloud service provider, data is encrypted while saving it on the cloud using Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability (CIA) values which will categorize data in three rings. While providing data if user is authorized then the concerned password gets extracted from the fuzzy vault and the extracted password will help to decide which user belongs to which data ring.





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