International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


Image mining is more than just an extension of data mining to image domain. Web Image mining is a technique commonly used to extract knowledge directly from images on WWW. Since main targets of conventional Web mining are numerical and textual data, Web mining for image data is on demand. There are huge image data as well as text data on the Web. However, mining image data from the Web is paid less attention than mining text data, since treating semantics of images are much more difficult. This paper proposes a novel image recognition and image classification technique using a large number of images automatically gathered from the Web as learning images. For classification the system uses imagefeature- based search exploited in content-based image retrieval(CBIR), which do not restrict target images unlike conventional image recognition methods and support vector machine(SVM), which is one of the most efficient & widely used statistical method for generic image classification that fit to the learning tasks. By the experiments it is observed that the proposed system outperforms some existing search systems





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