International Journal of Computer and Communication Technology


The problem of distributing virtual machine (VM) images to a set of distributed compute nodes in a Cross-Cloud computing environment is considered as the main issue in this paper. Here the term Cross-Cloud Computing refers to the environment with multiple cloud sites. Self Scheduling schemes are mostly used for high performance as they represent adaptive schemes where allocation is done in run time. From review it is observed that Factorizing Self Scheduling (FSS) offers better load balance when execution time changes widely and randomly. Here, Heterogeneous Factorizing Self- Scheduling (HFSS) algorithm is proposed and considered for the implementation of virtual machine scheduling in crosscloud computing environment. Such an implementation is not yet done with cross-cloud platform which is proposed here. Another feature of the project is that, data sent by user for computation on cloud environment is stored in encrypted form. Data Encryption Standard (DES) is used for Integration of storage encryption & decryption.





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